Sunday, October 28, 2012

Prototype 1- The New Space Invaders

I just finished the rough draft of the space invaders game. Space fires, the player is able to move left and right. I have not yet achieved all of the main functions that I want for the game.

I am still planning on adding harder enemies, possibly another level, weapon upgrades, shield upgrades, health, and health packs.

The link to play the game in browser on the Stencyl website is <>.

More Updates to Follow

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Focus- The New Space Invaders

The New Space Invaders is a mobile space shooter game. The player controls a single ship, tilting the mobile device to control, trying to shoot down baddies as the pass by the screen. The entertainment increases as baddies and the speed at which they travel increases. The player is able to get upgrades for weapons making the game slightly easier, while the overall difficulty increases as the game goes on. The player has to stop a majority of the ships from exiting the screen.