Monday, December 17, 2012

Final Project CSCI 3651

Here is the video for my final presentation in CSCI 3651. I kind of ran out of time on the video and forgot to mention a couple of things, but I think it turned out quite well. The semester was quite an interesting one, with many things to learn. We used several programs that I have never used before including Blogger, Github, and Stencyl. Stencyl is something that I really enjoyed using throughout the semester. The program makes it so easy to package and create a game.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Epic Space Battle V 1.0

Finally finished up the latest version of the game. For this project I think it's pretty much all done, although I could work on it for many more months. I have learned a lot about Stencyl's capabilities and ease of use. Thanks for following and I hope that you enjoy this final version.

PS. You have to push the key pretty hard to get the sound off.

1. Sound
2. No more kinks

Peer Game Reviews

It was interesting to play two of my other peers games, which were both quite difficult. They were both good and easy to pick up on. The video's are embedded below.

Sword and Legend 3D: By Nyjah Melius

The game can be found on Nyjah's blog here:

Nyjah's game was really good. I liked the graphics, gameplay and music. One comment that I had is that the gameplay was a little bit slow and could be picked up. I think that this could be accomplished by making stamina regenerate quicker and by causing the enemy to attack and react more quickly. Other than that it was a great job!

Jurrasic Survival: By Kevin Goo

Kevin's game can be found on his blog here

Kevin has a really good game going. I found no bugs and the gameplay seems to work perfectly. The images could be better and maybe adding in a gold over time feature would be good too. The balance seems pretty good with the damage from all of the creatures, towers and hp. Great job!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Update Epic Space Battle V0.2

I have introduced many improvements to the gameplay.

Added a conclusion screen that displays score. Increased difficulty over time. Second spawning enemy.  Collisions and an upgrade of a bomb.

Still requiring improvement:

I have come across several bugs, which are all related. When picking up a shooting power up or bomb upgrade it will sometimes add 1, 2, 3, or 4 when the equation should only add one. I think that this might have to do with the collision happening more than once.

1. High score table.
2. Improved instructions.
3. Player choice of autofire or firing meter?

ASWD or ARROW keys move the ship
B or SPACE fires the bomb/missile (I should change the name its really a missile).

Sunday, December 9, 2012

AI Genre vs. Physics Simulation : Luke Dicken

Luke Dicken, founder of Robot Overlord Games, is a proponent of improving AI. In his video he was explaining his love for AI and the need to increase the focus on improvements. He proposed a challenge, in which AI should be the focus of a certain genre of games and what the difference is between Physics Simulation.

An AI genre sounds exciting to me. The boundaries on AI are seemingly endless. Many things can be accomplished with AI. AI can include many different aspects of a game and can be presented in very different ways. I recently came across a game that has quite a terrible AI system, Halo 4. The AI that is presented throughout the campaign is quite glitchy. I have witnessed the AI getting stuck in multiple situations. When the AI is stuck, behind a rock or in between something, it is both confusing and amusing for the player.

AI adds exciting gameplay in many different ways. These can be anything including enemy control, natural disasters, spawning, or just the games adaptability to a certain player. AI controls a majority of challenges that a player faces, so it is necessary to have a good and exciting AI system.

AI games are those that focus on exciting AI that changes from game to game. These AI games can change depending on player choices or a players style of playing the game. These types of games can be much more elaborate than those games that just show amazing "graphics".

A lot of games currently are a part of the Physics Simulation genre. The main focus is to show what happens when a player blows up a building, or shoots an enemy in the head. While this is important to the game, is it more important than the consequence of the players action? A ever evolving game is important for replayability and to ensure that every player has a different experience, while not detracting from the game.

AI is an important step in the future of games, not only to make games more realistic and give the player a feel that the enemy thinks, but to have a game that really changes based off of the players actions.


Monday, December 3, 2012

League of Legends: Review

I recently downloaded and played League of Legends for the first time. I was quite disappointed as the game added absolutely nothing to the existing genre of MOBA games. The gameplay is exactly the same, which was quite disappointing. The one difference between this and other MOBA's are all of the heroes. It is prudent to say that the heroes are the most important part of the game. All of the different heroes are what make the game exciting. The heroes add anticipation and excitement to the game. The player wonders which character your opponent will choose and how the character will be played. The player struggles to unlock every character as the player plays more and more.

What makes this game so popular and gives it replayability? I would have to say it is hands down the multiplayer experience. Playing chess with the same old computer AI will generate the same moves over and over again. While the computer can choose to make different moves and utilize different strategies, after a certain point it becomes predictable. Playing with other players from around the world, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, is gives this game excitement and replayability.

Friday, November 30, 2012

UPDATE Epic Space Battle V0.13

Made some good progress this week. Added in a health system for the player. A score that is displayed at the top of the screen. Also added in upgrades that drop for the player. I found some bugs and the game is starting to slowdown a bit. I will try to fix those for next week.

Could not get the win conditions to work properly. Hopefully that will get solved. Also actors seem to be stacking up on the bottom and the right edge of the screen, but can only be seen when the game is paused. I'm thinking the kill upon exiting condition is not working as intended.

To do:

1. Fix all collisions and improve spawning. Add waves etc.

2. Health upgrade and possibly invincibility

3. Improve upon scoring(compound score off of time played) and possibly a high score table.

4. Completion screen that displays a score and a button to return the user to the home page with acceptable conditions. (Player death, making it to a certain point, etc.)

5. Different enemy ships

6. Create a firing speed bar that manages firing speed.