Sunday, December 9, 2012

AI Genre vs. Physics Simulation : Luke Dicken

Luke Dicken, founder of Robot Overlord Games, is a proponent of improving AI. In his video he was explaining his love for AI and the need to increase the focus on improvements. He proposed a challenge, in which AI should be the focus of a certain genre of games and what the difference is between Physics Simulation.

An AI genre sounds exciting to me. The boundaries on AI are seemingly endless. Many things can be accomplished with AI. AI can include many different aspects of a game and can be presented in very different ways. I recently came across a game that has quite a terrible AI system, Halo 4. The AI that is presented throughout the campaign is quite glitchy. I have witnessed the AI getting stuck in multiple situations. When the AI is stuck, behind a rock or in between something, it is both confusing and amusing for the player.

AI adds exciting gameplay in many different ways. These can be anything including enemy control, natural disasters, spawning, or just the games adaptability to a certain player. AI controls a majority of challenges that a player faces, so it is necessary to have a good and exciting AI system.

AI games are those that focus on exciting AI that changes from game to game. These AI games can change depending on player choices or a players style of playing the game. These types of games can be much more elaborate than those games that just show amazing "graphics".

A lot of games currently are a part of the Physics Simulation genre. The main focus is to show what happens when a player blows up a building, or shoots an enemy in the head. While this is important to the game, is it more important than the consequence of the players action? A ever evolving game is important for replayability and to ensure that every player has a different experience, while not detracting from the game.

AI is an important step in the future of games, not only to make games more realistic and give the player a feel that the enemy thinks, but to have a game that really changes based off of the players actions.


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