Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Peer Game Reviews

It was interesting to play two of my other peers games, which were both quite difficult. They were both good and easy to pick up on. The video's are embedded below.

Sword and Legend 3D: By Nyjah Melius

The game can be found on Nyjah's blog here: http://enteractivelyme.blogspot.com

Nyjah's game was really good. I liked the graphics, gameplay and music. One comment that I had is that the gameplay was a little bit slow and could be picked up. I think that this could be accomplished by making stamina regenerate quicker and by causing the enemy to attack and react more quickly. Other than that it was a great job!

Jurrasic Survival: By Kevin Goo

Kevin's game can be found on his blog here http://kgoogamer.blogspot.com

Kevin has a really good game going. I found no bugs and the gameplay seems to work perfectly. The images could be better and maybe adding in a gold over time feature would be good too. The balance seems pretty good with the damage from all of the creatures, towers and hp. Great job!

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