Friday, November 30, 2012

UPDATE Epic Space Battle V0.13

Made some good progress this week. Added in a health system for the player. A score that is displayed at the top of the screen. Also added in upgrades that drop for the player. I found some bugs and the game is starting to slowdown a bit. I will try to fix those for next week.

Could not get the win conditions to work properly. Hopefully that will get solved. Also actors seem to be stacking up on the bottom and the right edge of the screen, but can only be seen when the game is paused. I'm thinking the kill upon exiting condition is not working as intended.

To do:

1. Fix all collisions and improve spawning. Add waves etc.

2. Health upgrade and possibly invincibility

3. Improve upon scoring(compound score off of time played) and possibly a high score table.

4. Completion screen that displays a score and a button to return the user to the home page with acceptable conditions. (Player death, making it to a certain point, etc.)

5. Different enemy ships

6. Create a firing speed bar that manages firing speed.

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  1. I playtested your game here is the post with the feedback video: