Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another TD




Zombies are coming to invade your land! You were smart enough to build your kingdom on a plateau so the zombies have to travel through a canyon before they are able to reach you. You hold the area above the canyon and are able to create defenses above the canyon. Destroy all of the zombies before they invade your kingdom.
The player will control the towers and be able to reinforce the towers giving them a stronger attack. The players mouse will also be able to interact with the environment, moving towers and destroying enemies with the use of two abilities. One ability will be the hand blocking the pathway for a certain amount of time. Another ability is the hand smashing the ground and dealing area damage.


  1. This sounds like a fun new twist on the whole zombie genre. However, to seperate it from kingdom rush with the towers perhaps go more in a direction of "traps" that you can place anywhere in the canyon or above it and maybe even make the traps customizable. Also to amp up difficulty have more than one avenue up to the plateau that are blocked at first but as the game progresses they open up.

  2. Since you are on an environment above the zombies, use your hand to make levels of barricades that the zombies have to destroy to pass giving the user more time to make other obstacles and traps. You can even have the hand pick up objects and dropped them smashing zombies. There can be different difficulties of zombies to defend yourself even harder.