Sunday, September 30, 2012

Home Defender

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This will be a 3-D game that is taken from a birds eye view.


You and your brother are busy in the forest cutting down a tree for your new home. A silence falls over the forest. As you stop to listen you realize that something is coming towards you. Your brother calls out just as you come to the same realization, "RAIDERS!" You are forced with a decision, you can both run and your brother will be able to help you defend your home or you can fight the scout taking his weapons and armor (the player will really be allowed to make this choice and either decision will give him an advantage). Running will give him a more powerful tower and fighting will make himself stronger.


The player will control a hero type character who is defending the house(tower) in the center of the map. After the player takes enough damage he will run into his house to prevent player death. The player will be able to upgrade his central tower(house) or his hero. Raiders will come in waves and give him brief breaks(nighttime) to repair and upgrade.

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