Sunday, September 30, 2012

The New Space Invaders




You are forced to defend the earth alone as countless space aliens are hurtling toward earth at lightning speed. You control the only fighter jet that has been equipped to handle space flight. Fight off the waves of aliens until the earth can design more defense systems.


This game would be designed as a phone app and would be tilt sensitive to the player moving the phone around. The player would have to push a shoot button to fire the onboard weapons. Space Aliens would drop upgrades for weapon systems, shields, and health packs.


  1. Cool idea!! Do you think it could have voice control for the shooting. So no fingertip interface is necessary. Just tilt and and say something like "fire" or "shoot".

  2. there's an interesting lego batman game on the iphone that moves the ship following tilt, but basically has auto fire so the player can focus simply on mastering the tilt movement. I think that's clever since there isn't an obvious fire mechanism on the touch screen, apart from touching of course, but then touching and tilting is kind of unpleasant. Of course if the phone is rotated and held with two thumbs on the screen as if you were playing a PSP or similar then touching the thumb is a natural fire mechanism - and you could have different weapons fire for different combinations of thumb touches ...

  3. I really like your idea of actually using your phone physically to enjoy the game :)
    I thought instead of allowing users to shoot, just letting them escape from enemies' attacks for certain time so that they will disappear or something also could possibly be an option except for the fact that it may not follow your story of the game though..

    Anyway, I really like your idea :)

  4. I like the idea of having aliens drop upgrades for your ship. I tried playing the classic space invaders a couple times and I couldn't get over the fact that it feels so one-dimensional like you can't get anywhere besides a higher score. As for the tilt movement you might want to have optional and have some left and right arrow buttons as another choice. Sometimes the tilt movement might feel unresponsive for when you want to move faster and players don't like to feel cheated by bad mechanics.