Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dream Game


The best dream game that I have ever played would have to be The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This game allows so much in the way of freedom. Skyrim allows the player to choose a battle style and gives the player free roaming of the entire map. The player follows no real story line unless he/she chooses to. The quests can be completed or left uncompleted. The player can choose whether to battle as a mage, archer, warrior, or assassin type. Each class has its own abilities and specialties but the game doesn't interfere with a player combining fighting styles and allows the player a free choice of what kind of character to create. The player could possibly hunt animals for resources, become a blacksmith, an alchemist or any of the many other choices available to the player.

The downsides to this game were the multitude of bugs that occurred both visually and during the gameplay. I personally proceeded to the exit of the first dungeon before I should have and was not allowed to return to the room where a boss fight occurs. This irked me and I had to rerun through the whole dungeon again while not encountering any enemies which was quite boring. Although not really a bug this was poor design but it did allow the player full control even to the point of harming the player's game experience.

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