Sunday, November 18, 2012

Free Write

This is a free writing session that I did for ten minutes. Free writing is a useful tool for people having writers block, or just needing some time to get ideas out. I did this while working on my game, just gathering some of my thoughts.

Today I went to shool. I had comunications class and we leearned about writing resume's and cover letters. I feel like I keep getting behind in this class and I really need to get on the ball. My game is still not working and that is a priority. I also have a test tomorrow in economics. I think it's gonna be hard, but idk how difficult it will be. Maybe the test will be easy, I sure hope so.  Maybe I hsould start another game. No, I need to get this one done first. I thik that it is coming along nicely and I am also learning a lot about Stencyl. I really like the program. It is easy to create objects and the rules by which they live. I have encountered several problems and have learned by resolving most of them. The basic operations done by the characters are called behaviors or functions. Behaviors are slightly complicated to create but it is fun being able to generate. one. There are several ways to create behaviors including using an always block. It took me forever to figure out how to use this block and what it does. the block updates always, being a 60 fps game updates every 60 seconds. there are other blocks including collisions and what to do upon creation of an  object. Many different blocks are there. I am just reambling on now and c lost my train of though. Stencly is powerful in the simplicity you can create scenes objects and behaviors. Using these you can create a game. The most diffficutl part is in the creation of behaviors and deciding what kind of function you are going to create. For one of my behaviors, generating enemies at random times and plaes on the screen, I needed to create a recursive fucntion. STtecnyl does not have a built in recursive function so you need to create one. This awas a difficulyt task for me, not in the coding, but in the idea behind the function. I would have never been able to figure that out without the stencyl forums. THe main problem with the way that I was creating the function was I awusing the block that updates every sixty times a second. This would create 60 characters at random places on the screen every random seconds apart. The biggest problem that I have been having is with the initial blocks to shcoose your code to go in. Another Issue I had was that the explosion o\\upon collison would not go waay. There is no real easy way to destroy an actor types but recently i figured out that instead of trying to kill the actor type after it is generated, the acotr type should have a behavior where it dies after a certain amount of time.

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