Monday, November 5, 2012

Update-The New Space Invaders

The second update for my game is now out!

Some additional features added are collisions and explosions with the player. Death of the player is now possible. The player explosion has an issue where the explosion image will not disappear after a timer. The issue is due to the difference of objects in Stencyl, the ACTOR TYPE of the exploding image not being able to be killed in a similar fashion as the ACTOR of the player.

Additional features to be added include:
1. Working visual health system with health packs available.
2. Introduction screen and replay ability.
3. additional enemies
4. weapon upgrades
5. enemy explosions.
6. Pause button.
7. Cut music and sounds.

You can find the link here to play it in another window or play from the link below as well.

or available on the Stencyl website:

Any feedback is appreciated!

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