Tuesday, November 27, 2012

UPDATE Epic Space Battle v0.12

Finally finished a new version of my game. I was able to get several new features including an improved menu and improved spawns, although they still spawn on top of each other :(

There are still some bugs, especially with the help feature. I am new to Stencyl's layers and having them overlapping is causing me a couple of problems. It might be easier to make it switch scenes instead of layers, but I will try some other things as well.

Features to be worked on for the next version include:
1. Fix help menu.
2. Working deterrent for players to not get hit (knocking player off screen in a better way)
3. Enemy explosion
4. Completion screen that displays a score and a button to return the user to the home page.
5. Different enemy ships (time allotting)

Here is a link to Stencyl's website where the game is

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