Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Sims Social

I recently played The Sims Social Facebook app. The app seams to be a full game of The Sims, but having never played any version of The Sims before I am not completely sure. The gameplay was quite fun. The game is extremely open with many possible options that open up to the player. During the tutorials there are several different paths for the player to take. The player can interact with a particular NPC quest or none at all.  I haven't got very far into the gameplay yet, but the Sims seems like an extremely open game that has been one of the main selling features.

Character creation was an improvement to many games that I have played with similar features. For the Sims your character plays such a central role and this is one of the reasons why the creators focused on it so much. Other real life features like eating and furniture become a little bit too much and end up detracting from the game. While I have not been able to see the full function of these features I can invasion how it could get annoying with having to constantly feed your character and make sure he/she has the correct equipment in his/her house.

I enjoyed the time that I spent playing The Sims Social and would recommend the game to someone who is looking for a free and fun game to occupy their time.

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